Coach Heidi

Heidi Nguyen, M.A., AMFT
Certified Relationship Coach

Meet Ms. Heidi

Hi, I’m glad you’re reading this to get to know a bit about who I am and what I do. My name is Heidi Nguyen and I’m a certified relationship coach as well as a marriage and family therapist. I help singles over 40 find their ultimate love and couples create a successful long-term relationship. I specialize in the love relationship and it’s different stages from readiness to attraction to coupling and beyond. Love coaching is what I do!

To share a little bit about my journey, I function during the first half of my adult life as a survivor in trying circumstances.  A point was reached when I was faced with either climbing out of the pit or being buried in it… I chose out!  The journey has been nothing short of amazing, shifting from a constant state of crisis to healing, fulfillment, and abundance. I now live in creative mode, which is a state of mind that attracts all that I need and want into my life.

A large part of this journey involved my going back to graduate school, studying psychology, and earning my Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy in 2013. Since then, I have helped many in their struggle with relational issues. My passion for helping those in need of relationship guidance took me even further to my training with RCI, Relationship Coaching Institute. There I was certified in three intensive programs, Professional Coaching, Singles Coaching, and Couples Coaching. 

These programs have equipped me with extensive knowledge and understanding. This is combined with my relationship experiences to create a powerful force for transformational work in the clients I have had the pressure of working with.

Divorced for over seven years, I have been taking the opportunity to date with the conscious intention of finding my UltimateLove. Together, he and I will create a blissful Love relationship and generate lasting fulfillment.  Having encountered in 2016 a love connection so great, I not only can imagine the possibility of a Love that is the ultimate but know that it does exist. I also know from trial and error that opportunities for great love open up through the power of intention, a commitment to action, and a specific proven effective method. My calling is to be of service to you in sharing this method so as to help you reach your goal for a meaningful and lasting relationship with your UltimateLove.

I work with couples who experience confusion, loneliness, and failure to communicate. The power is within all of us to create a desirable connection with our spouse. Every encounter with one another is an opportunity to fine-tune your skill set, grow and align yourselves with the mutual goal of deep and blissful connection.   

My growing process was one fraught with heartbreak and pain.  Although the lessons that were birthed from it are invaluable, I have come to realize that much of the pain was experienced unnecessarily… I did not have the guidance nor the resources needed to circumvent the turmoil of relational disconnection and get to the take-away more readily.  Without this guidance, one may not only miss the opportunities to grow, but can be victimized by dissatisfaction, disconnection, and isolation.  

It is my strongest passion, to use what I have learned and provide a roadmap for those longing for and seeking extraordinary love and fulfillment.There is no greater experience in life than that of an extraordinary love, and to create something extraordinary, we have to be extraordinary! That is the key and the work. to which I am deeply committed in guiding you through. It is time for a shift in our mindset… It is time to expand ourselves… It is time for personal transformation… 

My mission is to plant a seed of Love in every heart and soul of everyone I meet and water that seed with empowerment until it flourishes into the maturity of UltimateLove… 

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