Ambivalence Coaching

Are you asking yourself, “Should I stay or should I go?”

Wondering if this relationship is right for you?

Not sure if your relationship problems are solvable?


Having to ask the question, “should I stay or should I go?” is a very painful and difficult experience. There is no short cut for getting out of a dilemma, in which, the stakes are so high. ¬†Fortunately, there is an approach to addressing this challenging situation. Personally tailored to you and your relationship situation, the Ambivalence-Coaching program will have you answering the “question” with clarity.¬† In this program, we will address the important factors of decision making, get clear on who you really are, and explore your requirements, needs, and wants for a relationship. Furthermore, you will be able to discern which of your relationship problems are solvable and which ones are unsolvable.

 The Ambivalence-Coaching program will help you gain:


100% clarity as to which way to go

100% confidence in making the decision

100% peace in trusting that decision


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