You’re Single for a Reason


Being single is an opportunity, not a disease! Let’s explore the gift and purpose of being single. One of the hardest things for me to accept is that I create my own outcomes, whether I like them or not, my failures as well as my successes.

The Fourteen Dating Traps

Here are 14 dating traps that might result in an unsolvable problem in your relationship. A “dating trap” is an unconscious relationship choice that interferes with the success of that relationship. Getting out of the trap often means leaving the relationship. When you’re single, by practicing conscious dating you can do a lot more than you realize to avoid these traps and prepare for a lasting and successful relationship.

How to be UltimateLove Partners for Life

What does an UtimateLove partnership look like? How does being partners for life work? What makes it successful? Few of us can answer these questions with clarity. Most of us want a fulfilling life partnership and have little idea of how to create one. Even couples in successful long-term relationships have little insight into why they are successful.

Ten Dirty Secrets of Happiness

Are there secrets of happiness that we need to know about? My observation is that we want to be happy, but don’t know how. This problem has been exacerbated by the messages in movies, television, and other influential media, that promote a consumer-oriented, immediate gratification society. We seem to feel entitled to be able to buy and get what we want with little effort on our part. We have been conditioned that happiness comes from the outside, by having enough money, the car we want, the job we want, the partner we want. Then, when we get what we want, we find that we aren’t happy!

How to Double Your Romance with One-Way Dates

Wouldn’t you want to double your romance in your relationship? But, frankly we all fall into a relationship rut at times. Does this sound familiar?

Partner #1: “What do you want to do?”

Partner #2: “I don’t know, what do YOU want to do?”

Then they end up doing pretty much the same thing they have done before. Over time, couples can easily develop routines that become ruts and it seems like romance goes out the window.