UltimateLove-Readiness QUIZ

It’s funny, isn’t it? We often focus on what we want without thinking to ask ourselves if we’re ready for it. Should 13 year old kids have sex? Can we run a marathon without training? It might be a challenging idea. Just because you want something, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re ready for it. Ask yourself- “Am I ready for lasting love?” It would be a tragedy to finally find your soul mate only to pass each other by like two ships in the night because you weren’t ready for the real thing.

Here’s a short, but very important 10-question quiz for you. To assess your readiness for a committed relationship rate yourself in each of the following ten areas. Try to be objective and honest with yourself. We recommend asking close friends and family members for their opinions as well.


Rate Each Item On a Scale From 1 to 10 — 1-4=needs work, 5-7=OK, 8-10=good 

Coach Heidi

Heidi Ngyuen, M.A. Certified Relationship Coach

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