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I am a smart, strong and independent woman and how I was dating on my own for 20 years was getting me a lot of emotionally unavailable men and more than my share of heartache. I came to Heidi in the middle of a break-up and questioning my worth and value. Heidi’s caring, on point coaching helped me get 100% out of very emotional and difficult relationship. After 2 months of coaching,  I am now in a solid,  stable and happy relationship with my best friend. Getting clear on who you are, what you want and having the confidence to ask for what I need and want is the foundation of our coaching work. Now, I am happy and in a committed relationship with a boyfriend who is devoted to my happiness. Book Heidi, her coaching works! Tieu Ng, Children’s Toys designer.

Book Heidi, her coaching works!

Heidi is a close colleague of mine. Over the five years that I’ve known her, I have seen her mental toughness, sharpness and her ability to inspire. If you are needing a personal transformation or want breakthroughs in your relationship, she is the coach for you. Sherin Hart, Marriage and Family Therapist.

She Is The Coach For You

I have known Heidi for several years now and consider her to be a very warm, genuine, and caring person. She has chosen the perfect profession for her personality and I know that she can and will inspire you as she has done with me. Even when having a casual conversation with her, you will feel inspired to overcome any obstacles life may throw your way. I highly recommend her as a Relationship Coach and Counselor. Yasmine Baban, Real Estate agent.

highly recommend
I Highly Recommend Her

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